1027 Serene Lake Drive, Griffin, GA

$ 165,600 - Short Term Rental

4.0 bd | 2.5 ba | 1,800 sqft | 2019 yr | $ 150 Avg Rate

Cash on Cash
28.94 %
39.47 %
Net Monthly Cashflow


New Construction 50 minutes to Atlanta in one of it's growing South Side Suburbs.  The subdivision is located very close to Heads Creek Reservoir and perhaps ten minutes to downtown Griffin with it's restaurants, and shops, it's very quaint for an evening stroll.  Commuting to Atlanta is not a problem especially if the tenant works in logistics or transportation on the South side or at Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

This property has a target rent of $1,100-1,200 per month and should be an excellent cash flow, rent-ready, income producing property.  This is not guaranteed and is only a projection based upon past experience, rents change according to season and you should get your own rental comps and verify with the property manager of your choice.  Pictures below other than the rendering are of another house and are meant to show the materials and finish that this house is finished with.  We will have new pictures of this one in a few days!

ROI Turnkey Properties LLC brings this property to you through a relationship in our network that professionally renovates properties, this is not a property we own, rather through PMI Georgia our Georgia real estate brokerage we will write up the contract for you and be compensated 3% by the seller.  We will discuss types of agency available prior to writing an offer on this property.  Any related referral fees will be negotiated with the seller as part of the transaction and built into the price.

Buy & Hold Analysis

  • Cash on Cash: 28.94 %
  • Net Monthly Cashflow: $897
  • Daily Rent: $150

Financial Analysis

  • Loan Amnt: $ 104,242.50
  • All-in Cost: $ 141,422.33
  • Debt Coverage Ratio: 2.70 %
  • Total Out of Pocket: $ 37,179.83
  • Monthly Mortgage: $ 528.18

Expense Assumptions

  • Prop Insurance: $800
  • Co Hosting Fee: $1,752
  • Maintenance: $1,095
  • Occupany: 40.00 %

Financing Assumptions

  • Down Payment: $34,748
  • Interest Rate: 4.50 %
  • Loan Term Months: 360.00
  • Points: $1,042

Other Assumptions

  • Closing Cost: $1,390

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